The internet has in 20 years to some extent become a cesspool of crime, fraud and deceit unlike anything we know from before. Instead of being democratic and about people, the internet is controlled by a handful of gigantic rent-seeker corporations. With few exceptions services are never actually free but users are turned in to the product which is then sold to advertisers. Recently it has been shown how state-level intelligence operatives effectively manipulate perceptions of large target populations using the advertising funded internet exactly as it is designed to be used. 

Anyone who actually spent years designing and building AIs knows that humanity being enslaved by AI is a far smaller risk than humanity being enslaved by its own lack of intelligence. The immediate risk is that AI becomes yet another evolution of silicon valley "technology platforms" working primarily towards enriching few at the expense of many.  Think back +20 years in to the trajectory of the internet, and take a moment to think how that turned out.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

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