Open Source Solutions for Fraud Fighters

Regardless if you are looking for a proven real-time solution to detect invalid traffic in 100 billion impressions per day bidstream, media planner or sell-side partnership manager wanting to make more informed decisions about inventory, or a data scientist looking for ways to up your game, we have a battle tested opensource solution for you. 


Autonomio Deep Learning

A deep learning workbench made for solving everyday prediction problems. Built for data scientists, by data scientists. Proven to yield state-of-the-art results across a range of ad fraud detection techniques.

Real-Time Ad Fraud Detection

Nameles is the only ad fraud solution that meets the real-time scale demands of even the largest programmatic advertising platforms. TCO for 200 billion requests per day is less than $500 per month with no sampling. Built together with adtech for adtech.

Block Cloud and Hosting IP

A comprehensive list of 140 million cloud and hosting company IP addresses. Unlike other common solutions, Denylist is curated by people. Git

Sitemind Inventory Analysis

An open-source tool that embodies best practices of the world’s most experienced ad fraud researchers, cutting common site analysis workflows that took up to an hour into seconds. Provides a standardized score for any site. Git

Actions speak louder than words

For us trust and credibility is more than just words and we go to great lengths to prove our authencity and wisdom.


No Conflict of Interest

Unlike everyone else, we have no commercial interests. 


+20 Years Industry Experience

Our leadership is among the most experienced in online advertising.


100% Transparent

Everything we do is open for anyone to evaluate and free to access.

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