A Treasury of Novel Research Publications

Ranging from fundamental works on outlining key principles to providing methodologies, frameworks and practical guidance, our work has been featured on Financial Times cover stories on several occasions and is highly regarded by all sides of the industry. 


Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge

The most important fundamental work expanding in the theoretical understanding of ad fraud, providing detailed hands-on strategic and tactical guidance on countering it. READ

An entropy-based methodology for detecting Online Advertising Fraud at scale

The paper introduces the first scalable entropy method for detecting online advertising fraud at scale, and provides an overview to the largest traffic quality ever published. READ

Independent Auditing of Online Display Advertising Campaigns

Introduces a novel method for conducting mystery shopping studies for programmatic media buying. The paper highlights startling findings for the first time shedding light into Google’s black box, exposing gross misreporting. READ

Can Intermediaries in Programmatic Advertising Obtain Economical Benefit from Invalid Traffic Filtering!? 

A detailed technical overview of the methodology, technical specification, and deployment in actual use of Nameles, the first truly scalable online ad fraud solution. The paper provides a robust economic analysis of the impact ad fraud has on platform profitability. READ

Dissecting the Effects of Viewability in Online Advertising

Using a novel mystery-shopping methodology for independent auditing of online advertising campaigns, the paper shows how up to 70% of platform resources are wasted on ads that do not have any commercial value. (September 2017)

An Exposition of the Online Advertising Market

Sheds light on the negative effects of the duopoly dominated online advertising market, and the burden it creates for internet users, national economies, and the global carbon footprint. Proposes a new blockchain and cooperation based market. (September 2017)

Is Blockchain Ready to Revolutionize Online Advertising? 

The first ever fundamental work focused on understanding the relevance of blockchain technology for online advertising purpose. The paper provides a detailed review of current proposals and implementations. (September 2017)

Estimating environmental impact of online advertising and invalid traffic

The first ever effort to analyze the negative energy effect, both total consumption, and CO2 footprint, of invalid traffic. The paper provides a unique framework for approximation of energy footprint of internet communications. (September 2017)

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