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Botlab is the only non-profit foundation committed to education, research and open source technology development supporting the fight against ad fraud. We bring together the most important contributors in the field of ad fraud research to fight the #1 cyber crime.


Open Source Ad Fraud Detection

Nameles is the only ad fraud solution that meets the real-time scale demands of even the largest programmatic advertising platforms. TCO for 200 billion requests per day is less than $500 per month with no sampling. Built together with adtech for adtech.

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Sitemind Site Analysis

An open-source tool that embodies best practices of the world’s most experienced ad fraud researchers, cutting common site analysis workflows that took up to an hour into seconds. Provides a standardized score for any site.

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The Definite Guide on Ad Fraud

Already translated into multiple languages, Botlab’s Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge in collaboration with World Federation of Advertisers is a result of years of propriety research to understand the complex topic of advertising fraud, the largest cybercrime.

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Block Cloud and Hosting IP

A comprehensive list of 140 million cloud and hosting company IP addresses. Unlike other common solutions, Denylist is curated by people.

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Ad Fraud Research

Peer-reviewed scientific research covering ad fraud and invalid traffic from the most experienced researchers.

Open Source Development

Detect ad fraud at scale as part of a real-time programmatic advertising stack, or empower analysts and planners.


Free Education

Educate yourself and your organization with unbiased information that you can actually trust.


What leading researchers and decision makers are saying about the value of our work.

“Nameles appears to be exactly the sort of solution that WFA and our members were calling for in our ad fraud compendium. We should be encouraging the emergence of open source solutions which unify our industry through combatting a common enemy. We would encourage DSPs and our other industry partners to investigate this opportunity with a view to leveraging it in complement to existing tools designed to combat ad fraud.”

Stephan Loerke

CEO, World Federation of Advertisers

“What I appreciate the most from Botlab is their independency and transparency in their work. They always look the truth whoever it impacts, which in spirit is the same basis that should be applied by independent researchers. From a technical perspective Botlab team are the people with largest knowledge of the ad fraud problem to the best of my knowledge. This was of great value for me since I could understand better the ecosystem and propose solutions to solve real existing problems.

Angel Cuevas

Visiting Professor, Universidad Carlos III Madrid

“It is great to see scientists’ eyes on this interminable digital ad fraud problem. Their data science acumen and insight are now packaged in an open source invalid traffic verification solution for everyone to use. For those advertisers who have already taken care of the obvious fraud, this “big data” solution is the logical next step”.  It hits bots where it hurts – entropy.”

Dr. Augustine Fou

Indepedent Ad Fraud Consultant

Actions speak louder than words

For us trust and credibility is more than just words and we go to great lengths to prove our authencity and wisdom.


No Conflict of Interest

Unlike everyone else, we have no commercial interests. 


+20 Years Industry Experience

Our leadership is among the most experienced in online advertising.


100% Transparent

Everything we do is open for anyone to evaluate and free to access.

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