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This simple guidance will help you to get more out of your marketing investment

Help secure your marketing investment and the safety of the digital media supply chain by asking these 5 SIMPLE QUESTIONS from partners that make inventory or data investment decisions on your behalf.


Do you have information about malicious practices in the digital media supply chain that others need to know too. offers the industry's first whistleblowing platform for those that know more than they are saying, and want to say it. Many of us in the industry are not able to do so for various reasons, and would need a guarantee of anonymity to be able to come forward. From today onwards everyone in the industry will have that guarantee. is working with you to make the digital media supply chain safer and better. 

  • What do you know about different types of ad fraud? 
  • Do you know about vendors that are not playing it by the book? 
  • Do you have access to lists of shady domains and publishers? 
  • ​Do you have accurate data on rates of malicious activity?
  • Do you know about other kinds of malicious practices? 

All submissions will be investigated and reported based on evidence we can find to support the supposed malicious activity.