board of advisors

Mikko Kotila

Malware since 1987 and media technology r&d since 1996.

Amit Phansalkar

Data Science activist and a co-chair of the I-COM Data Science Board.

Sachin Gaur

Security activist with the record for most patents in Adobe India.

Paul Dovas

Previously the APAC
President of Audit Bureau of Circulation

Joshua Koran

One of the most senior technology and product leaders in media technology.

Sameer Sait

Infosec investor and CISO at Arrow Electronics.

Brian Dalessandro

Data Science activist and an adjacent professor for NYU Stern School of Business.

Matti Parssinen

Leader of +$40 million annual security service business and a researcher at Aalto University.

Peter Burton

The COO and employee #1 of the first ad network in APAC in 1997.